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Everyone has a little dirty laundry...
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I am trying to make this work from an app on my phone!
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I've determined how much I really dislike the summer. I hate the heat. I don't enjoy wearing less clothing and I hate the shoes! No strappy sandal looks good on me. I can't wear a good heeled shoe either. And, I look like Casper!

Let us look at the fall...

the gorgeous turning of the leaves, a gentle breeze, turtleneck sweaters, corduroys and boots.

Ah yes, boots. Those are my weakness. If I could wear knee-high boots all year round I would do it. And, speaking of boots I saw a pair of the hottest boots I have ever seen on our clearance wall at Nine West. They were a return from retail and when scanned in the computer they are $179.

Ouch. Tiffany doesn't need the boot that bad.

I called the Canton, CT Nine West Retail store and they looked it up to find out the real price for me since our system is different from theirs since we are an outlet.

Guess how much it really is? $59.99! I'm buying those bad boys on Thursday.

I guess it's sad that a boot made my day. It's one hot boot let me tell you!

Work is getting somewhat better. I might be getting written up over that psycho lady. If I do then I'll be looking for a new job because that's just shit. I will be wicked pissed. I've been looking at jobs in Vermont. I've also been looking at jobs out of retail. I'm beginning to think that I need a slower paced lifestyle as well. Connecticut just isn't really cutting it for me right now. I work so much that I don't enjoy the little things anymore at all. I barely see my friends since I work every night. It just sucks.

I want to have a life again. For real.

And, on that note...my sleepy ass needs to go to bed since I'm waking up wicked early to get ready for work tomorrow. I'm going in early to start the purge. God help me. I hope I'm not at the store past 7pm tomorrow. 9am-7pm is not my idea of a fun day.
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Is anyone else having problems with lj? I can't post comments or change settings on anything!
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